Write a Message

Open a chat, write text in the "Message" field and click image.

Press Enter to send a message using the keyboard.

To change the keyboard shortcut for sending, go to "Settings" → "Hotkeys" and select a shortcut from the Send Messages list.

Send File

  1. Click on the imageicon.
  2. Select "Photo or Video" and select a file on your computer.
  3. Add description if required.

To send a different kind of file or an uncompressed image or video as a file, select File.

To send a file quickly, drag it to the chat window and select Send With Description or Send Fast.

Tag User

In the body of the message, type the @ sign and select a person from the list. To find a person, start typing first or last name — ICQ will show matches.

Send a Contact, a Survey, a Call Link

Click on theimageicon and choose Contact, Poll, or Call Link.

Reply to a Message

To quote a post, double-click on it. Enter your text and send your message.

To quote a part of a message, select it, right-click and select Reply. Enter your text and send your message.

Forward a Message

Right-click and select Forward.

Check the box next to the people you want to forward the message to and click Forward.

Add a Reaction to a Message

Place the cursor on the message and click on the imageicon.

Select one of the reactions and click on it.

To hide reactions, go to "Settings" → "General" and turn off "Show reactions to messages".

Select Messages

To select messages for bulk actions, hold down the mouse button over the desired messages. Or right-click on the message and select Select. Select the desired messages with a check mark.

Once selected, select one of the actions in the panel at the bottom of the screen.

Delete a Message

Right-click on the message and select Delete From Everyone or Delete From Myself.

When you delete only for yourself, the message remains in the correspondence of the interlocutor. When you delete for everyone, the message disappears everywhere and none of the interlocutors know about it.

A deleted message cannot be recovered.

Add a Message to Favorites

Right click on the message and select "Add to Favorites".

The message will appear in the Favorites chat.

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