Send a File Quickly

Drag the file to the chat window and select "Send with signature" or "Send quickly".

Send a Photo or a Video Without Compression

To prevent ICQ from degrading the quality of the file for fast download, send it without compression:

  1. Clickimage.

  2. Select “File".

  3. Select the file on your computer.

  4. Add a signature if required.

View and Download a File

Photos and videos can be viewed directly in ICQ. To do this, click on the file - it will open in the browser window.

To turn off autoplay video, go to Settings → General and disable Play video on mouseover.

To zoom in or out, click on the image buttons.

Click image to download the file.

View Files in Chat

  1. Open a conversation with a contact.
  2. Click image in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to the "Photos & Videos" section.
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