About Service

Postmaster Mail.ru is a service specially created for email senders who want to not only make deliverability of emails more successful but also to make their mailings’ quality better.

What data will you get using Postmaster Mail.ru?

  •  Audience feedback
See how many people read your mailings, how many of them delete the emails without reading and what number of subscribers marked emails as spam.

Set getting FBL reports easily and you will see what subscribers mark your emails as spam.

  • Deliverability of emails

Be aware of mailings procedure: what number of emails has been already sent and delivered, got in Spam folder or been rejected.

  • Notification of problems

Keep an eye on your mailings. In real-time in “Problems” section you can see what is wrong. Act immediately and make your mailings effective. Become a perfect mailer!

  • A/B tests data

Test to increase conversion. See what mailings work better. Correct your actions to achieve high deliverability results.

  • Dynamics in charts

Analyze the situation taking a look at a chart. Create visual presentations for partners or management. All statistics are available as comprehensible charts

  • Avatar for your emails

Make your mailings recognizable so that the subscribers can immediately understand who the email is sent from. Correctly designed and formed emails will reduce the risk of your mailings getting in Spam

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