Spam filters

We send message to Spam in the following cases:

  • If you’ve previously reported a message from the same sender as spam;
  • Our antispam system has marked a message as spam based on its contents. 

Open a message to read a detailed explanation why it has been marked as spam:

Messages sent to Spam

You’ve reported a message from the same sender as spam, so we will mark all future messages from the same sender as spam.

Click Not spam to prevent future messages from the sender to be sent to Spam.

Similarity to spam messages 

We’ve considered this message as spam based on the following:

  • It contains typical spam contents: adult material and financial schemes;
  • It imitates an automatic server reply or system notification (e. g., User not found error);
  • It is sent from accounts or IP-addresses previously used to disseminate spam;
  • It contains text, spelling, formatting or attachments similar to scam or phishing messages.

Be careful:

Never follow links contained in messages from unknown senders and never reply to such messages. Remember: Mail.Ru never asks its users to send password or other private data.