Spam FAQ

I want to report a spam message 

We do our best to update our spam filters, but if you consider a message as spam, check this message and click This is spam to make our spam filters better. In addition, from now on we will mark all future messages from the same sender as spam.

Note: you won’t see This is spam in Spam folder since it contains messages that have been already marked as spam by our antispam system.

Messages from me are marked as spam

Send a message you want to send in *.msg or *.eml format to along with a received error. 

To create this message: 

  • via mail client (The Bat!, Outlook Express, etc.) 
  1. Select an original message from the list;
  2. Right-click it;
  3. Choose Save as;
  4. Enter the file name and select the format: *.msg or *.eml, then browse to a folder on your computer you want to save a message in;
  5. Click Save;
  6. Then, find a message with an error reply;
  7. Open it and copy its contents;
  8. Paste an error reply text in a new message and attach a saved message to it, then send to 
  • via web: 
  1. Find a message with an error reply;
  2. Open it and copy its contents;
  3. Select a message you are unable to send from the Sent folder and open it;
  4. Download it to your computer by clicking More and selecting Save to PC;
  5. Paste an error reply text in a new message and attach a saved message to it, then send to

    Note: we will change spam filters only if a message is not spam and doesn’t contain phrases from spam. 

I receive reports about disseminating spam from my account 

Change your password along with a secret question and an answer to it, and check all options in Security section of your account settings. Also, check your computer for viruses and other malware.

Also, change Password recovery options in your account settings.

Remember to log out from your account after finishing working in it.

I’ve mistakenly marked a message as spam. 

Don’t worry and go to Spam to select a message and click Not spam. This will move a message to Inbox and unblock all messages from the same sender.

We will automatically mark messages from the sender as spam after receiving a great number of complains