Personal Information

“Mail Settings” → “Personal Data

First Name, Last Name and Nickname

The first and last names are displayed when sending messages from your account.

The nickname is displayed on Mail Answers.



The photo is displayed in your profile on all Mail.Ru projects and in the messages you send.

To change the photo, click image and select a file on your computer.

To make a new photo, click image. Allow access to the camera and take a photo.


City and Time Zone

Start typing the name of the city — matching options will appear. Select a city. If your city or town is not in the list, select a city closest to it.

The time zone is detected automatically. If you want to change the time zone, uncheck the “Detect automatically” box and select a time zone from the drop-down list.



This section lists the phones connected to your email account. A phone number ensures the security of your account: you can easily restore access to your email if you forget your password. 


To specify a phone number, click image. In the window that opens, select a country and enter your phone number.


Click “Add”. An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to the specified number. Enter the code in the “Confirmation Code” field. If the SMS does not come, make sure you entered the correct phone number, and then click “Haven't received the text message?” to request another code.


No more than 10 accounts can be linked to one phone number. 

If “Phone number not confirmed” stands next to a phone number, this means you have not entered the code from an SMS yet. Click “Confirm” → “Send code” if you do not have a code, or “Confirm” → “I already have a code” if you have it.

To delete a number, click image. A confirmed phone is not deleted immediately — the deletion date will be shown next to it. If you want to delete the number immediately, click “Delete Now” and confirm the deletion with an SMS code.