Mail interface

Go to Mail Interface in your mailbox settings to configure the number of messages displayed per page, set up cleaning folders automatically and choose what to display after sending messages and upon deleting them.

Number of messages

Here you can select the number of messages displayed per page that is convenient to you. You can also see the first line of every message by checking the box that says Show beginning of messages.

Sending messages

Check the box that says Quote original message when replying to include the contents of the message you are replying to or forwarding.

Cleaning folders

You can turn on or off emptying Trash automatically upon logout. Please note that in the former case all messages contained in the folder will be permanently deleted.

After deleting message

You can choose whether you want to go to the next message or to the list of messages upon deleting a message.


You can uncheck the box that says I 'd like to receive newsletters to unsubscribe from Mail.Ru news.

After changing the settings, click Save.