To create a filter, go to Filters and forwording section of your account settings and click Add a filter.

Choose a rule that will trigger the filter and an action you want to apply to matching messages.



First, from the drop-down list select the field you want to filter messages by.

Then, specify what criteria the field has to correspond to by switching Contains or Does not contain toggle (more than or less then in case of Size field) next to the field chosen.

Click Add condition to specify more rules if needed. To delete a rule, click a cross icon  next to it.

When specifying several rules, please choose whether a filter will be triggered when all of them are met or at least one of them is.

You can separate several criteria in a field with “|”.

You can also create a mask for identical patterns by replacing them with “*”, e. g. enter * to filter all messages from addresses.

Then do the following


Choose an action to apply to matching messages.

You can apply the following actions:

  • Move the message to folder to automatically move matching messages to a selected folder.

    Note: if you choose Create a folder from the drop-down list, first you will have to enter its name.  

    You can also specify whether the messages have to be also

    • Marked as read;
    • Flagged to be singled out.
  • Remove permanently to automatically delete all matching messages;
  • Forward a copy to automatically send matching messages to the address you specify.
    You will need to enter the confirmation code sent to a forwarding address in a corresponding field.

    You can specify up to three comma-separated forwarding addresses.

    You can only be notified about the new messages by switching copy / notification toggle.
  • Reply automatically to send a specified answer to matching messages.
    You can create a custom message or send User not Found reply that looks like a server response when sending messages to an inexistent address. 
  • Apply other filters after this one to also apply other filters down the list to the message after it triggers the current one.
  • Apply to spam to also apply the filter to messages identified as spam.
  • Apply to messages in folders to choose folders if you want to apply the filter to existing messages they contain.

After changing the settings, click Save.