Confidentiality Policy

Mail.Ru provides full confidentiality to its users within the laws of Russian Federation. Information about a user can only be disclosed to law enforcement agencies according to procedures envisaged by the law (this is reflected in the User Agreement you accept while signing up.

Mail.Ru assumes responsibility only for data stored on its servers. Mail.Ru uses your personal data (name, location, phone, age, gender, occupation, time zone) only to show you relevant ads and doesn’t disclose it to advertisers. We can continue providing free service only due to advertisement.

We use three parameters to authenticate a user: login (e. g., personal_assistant), domain (,,, or, and a password.

 You can configure your computer authentication if you check your mail only from one PC to skip entering your login and password.

Note: any person accessing this computer will be able to go to your mailbox.

 Sometimes interface accessibility creates a potential danger of an unauthorized access to your account.

We offer you to choose between normal and higher security levels.

Normal security level is great for a common user.

Higher security level leaves even less possibilities for unauthorized access to your account. 

Follow our tips to ensure safety of your data:

  • Choose normal security level if you are the only user of the computer and want to skip entering your login and password.
  • Choose higher security level if you access your account from a public PC or a shared computer to always enter your login and password when going to your mailbox.