Internet Security

Every year more and more users in Internet meet with new vulnerabilities set up by hachers to steal users’ data, infect their computers with viruses and destroy information stored there. Follow our tips to ensure your safety:

  1. Install antivirus software before connecting to Internet;
  2. Update your antivirus in a timely manner (the majority of present software update their base on a daily basis);
  3. Check the links you receive (when in doubt – don’t risk);
  4. Never open messages from unknown senders and never download attachments contained in such messages;
  5. Never follow links contained in messages from Spam;
  6. Never trust information from non-confirmed sources;
  7. Never send your private data (name, IDs, logins, passwords) to other persons;
  8. Change your password at least every 6 months;
  9. Never tell your password to other people;
  10. Never use the same password on several services (breaking into one account then means getting access to all accounts);
  11. Never save your password on a public computer;
  12. Never install suspicious software or add-ons.
  13. Always check I use a public computer option when signing in from a public computer.

Follow these simple rules to save your data and computer from malicious software and hacking attacks.