Mail.Ru contests

Sometimes hackers use name to send scam messages.

Follow our tips to ensure your safety:

  1. The information about the contest has to be presented by;
  2. The page for the contest has to be on domain, e. g.,;
  3. Messages about the contest can be sent only from addresses;
  4. You can be a winner only if you’ve participated in a contest (by sending your photos, videos, texts, etc.) since we DO NOT have contests like You’re the 10,000,000 user;
  5. You can see the official results on the;
  6. We will never ask you to send any text messages (even if they are described as free) or pay for your prize delivery – always pays for prize delivery itself. 

If you’ve received a scam message, please send it to Customer Support with all headers by filling in this form to make our spam filters better!