1. Go to the registration page. 
  2. Fill out the registration form:
Имя и фамилия Enter your first and last name to be displayed in the messages sent from your account
Дата рождения Enter your date of birth 
Пол Specify your gender
Желаемый почтовый адрес Enter the desired email name and select a domain from the drop-down list:,, or Use our tips on choosing an email address. It won't be possible to change the address in the future
Пароль Choose a secure password. To choose a password that will protect your inbox, use our tips
Подтверждение пароля Re-enter the password to make sure there were no typos
Телефон Select a country from the drop-down list and enter your phone number. If you forget the password, you can restore it with an SMS code. If you do not have a mobile phone, click “У меня нет мобильного телефона” and provide an additional email address


  1. Click “Sign Up”.
  2. Enter an SMS code if you specified the phone, or the code from the picture if you entered an additional email.

If the code is entered correctly, you will enter your new email account. Your login and password can be used for all Mail.Ru projects. 

Make sure to connect a phone number to your email or specify an additional email account. If you forget the password, this will help to restore access in a couple of minutes.