Choosing a Name and Password

How to Choose a Name for your Email?

An email name (login) is a unique combination of letters, numbers and special characters preceding the domain name (,,, or

Renaming an email account in the future will not be possible, so please take the name choice seriously.

The name must consist of 4–31 characters.

The name can contain:

  • Latin letters (a–z, A–Z)
  • Numbers (0–9)
  • Dots, underscores, or hyphens (._- ). These characters cannot follow each other or stand at the beginning or the end of a name.

The case of letters in the email name does not matter: and are the same account.

It is not possible to use names similar to official Mail.Ru names and including the words “admin”, “support”, “corp” and “suport”.

How to Choose a Password?

A strong password guarantees the safety and security of your email account and all personal information. Please take the choice of a password very seriously.

The password must consist of 6–40 characters.

The password can contain:

  • Latin letters (a–z, A–Z)
  • Numbers (0–9)
  • Special characters ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ + = ; : , . / ? \ | ` ~ [ ] { } )

The case of letters in the password matters: kytu64ui%j and KYTU64UI%J are different passwords.

A password cannot:

  • Consist of numbers only
  • Contain spaces
  • Fully or partially coincide with the email name or registration data (first or last name, date of birth, etc.)

Do not use simple combinations ( password, qwerty123, asdfgh, etc.), and change your password at least once a year, or better, every three months.

Use our password generator to create a strong password.

To be able to restore the password in the future in case you forget it, specify an additional email address and a mobile phone number in the email settings.

Never share your email password with third parties. Please note that Mail.Ru never asks its users to send their passwords. Be careful not to fall for the tricks of scammers!