Signing In and Out

Signing In to your Account

  1. Go to the main page of Mail.Ru or the login page.
  2. Enter the email name, select the domain and enter your password.
  3. Click “Войти”.

If you are the only user of the computer which you use to check email, check the “Remember me” box. This way you will not need to enter your password the next time you log in.


If you see the error “Неправильное имя или пароль”:

  • Check if the username is correct
  • Check if the domain name is correctly selected
  • Make sure that you are entering the password using Latin characters and the correct case
  • Check that the Caps Lock key is not pressed

To restore a forgotten password, click “Забыли пароль?”.

Quick Access to Email

If you are the only user of the computer on which you check email, you can use quick access to your email. To do this, do not press “Logout” when you finish working with your email. In this case, when you go to the Mail.Ru page you will see:

  • How many new messages you have
  • A “Compose a Message” link
  • Icons for quick access to the Cloud and Calendar


If you have several email accounts connected to Mail.Ru, you can switch between them on the Mail.Ru main page. To do this, click image next to an email name and select another email.


To sign in to an email account, click on its avatar.

Login to Third-Party Email Accounts

In Mail.Ru, you can use third-party email accounts (Gmail, Yandex, Rambler, etc.). 

The terms of using third-party email accounts via Mail.Ru are described in the License Agreement, which is an integral part of the User Agreement

To log into a third-party email account via Mail.Ru:

  1. On the main page of Mail.Ru, click on “Mail”. The login page will open.
  2. Click on the logo of the provider of your other email, or click “Other” if your provider is not listed.
  3. Enter the full email name (the username and domain) or select a domain in the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click “Войти”.


In the Mail.Ru interface, you will see messages and drafts, the folder structure, the address book and the attachments. You can connect several email accounts to Mail.Ru and switch between them with one click. For more details, see “Connecting Other Email Accounts”.

To configure your email, recover the password and set the security level, you need to go to the website of the respective email service provider.

Signing Out

To log out of all connected email accounts, click “Sign out” in the upper right corner of the page.


To sign out from one particular email account:

  1. Click the email name in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Next to your email name, click “Log out”.