Error 550 message sending for this account is disabled

Change your account password to enable sending messages.

Mailbox Full or User quota exceeded

The recipient’s mailbox is full. Try resending the message later or contact the recipient in another way.

User not found or No such user

The address of the recipient hasn’t been registered. Contact the recipient in another way.

Access to this account (user) is disabled

The recipient’s account has been deleted or blocked due to inactivity. Contact the recipient in another way.

No such message, only 1471 (or any other number) messages in maildrop

If you see such error when trying to access your mailbox with the help of a mail client, go to your mail inbox vin the web interface and delete the oldest message. Then retry an attempt to access the messages via POP3.

We do not accept mail from dynamic IPs

PTR string for your IP is similar to PTR strings for dynamic IPs that are used to send spam. Contact your provider to change PTR for your domain.

550 Access from ip address blocked

Your IP has been probably blocked due to misconfiguration of antispam software.

Send the following information to your system administrator:

Technical characteristics:

1.Mail servers should not be used anonymously or without authentication.
2.Mail servers that provide mail accounts
  • should not provide a possibility to change envelope-from string
  • or have to provide information about an authenticated user sending a message.


Received: from username []

(Authenticated sender:

by (Postfix)

Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:58:21 +0400 (MSD)

  3.Direct connection from web scripts to Mail.Ru MX-servers are forbidden. You should send a message through a local SMTP-transport or another SMTP-server that requires authentication.

These characteristics are obligatory for using Mail.Ru.

After configuring your mail server, ask your system administrator to go to //

 550 spam message discarded/rejected

Your message was marked as spam by antispam system. Follow our tips to avoid this.

Code 0x800CCC error

Try using IP addresses instead of addresses: —, —

You can also try changing SMTP port from 25 to 2525 or 587.

If the error persists, try using other SMTP-server.

452 Space shortage, please try later: retry timeout exceeded

The recipient’s server is out of space, try resending a message later.

Synthatically invalid HELO argument(s)

Contact your system administrator.

Generally, you will see this error if your computer name contains characters not recognized by RFC2821 or RFC1045 standards, see // to learn more).

Your computer name may contain only Latin characters, letters and dashes.

Register your domain with Postmaster@Mail.Ru to monitor and improve quality of your mailing lists.