More actions with messages

Click empty space next to addresses or select messages you want to apply actions to. You can also select all the messages on the page.

Click an arrow to specify detailed criteria for selecting messages.

You can select

  • all messages on the page
  • unread messages
  • read messages
  • flagged messages
  • messages with attachments
  • all messages from the sender or a group (check some messages to see this option).

To quickly select a large list, select the first message and hold the Shift key while checking the last one.

You can apply the following actions:

Sorting messages

By default, messages are sorted by time and date, but you can change it by clicking Sort and choosing the way of sorting from the drop-down list.

You can see an arrow next to the field the contacts are sorted by.

Note: you can sort messages only if the folder contains less than 4,000 messages.

Forwarding several messages at once

Select several messages, then click More and choose Forward as attachment to forward messages in the *.msg format. Read Composing messages to learn more about it.

Moving messages

You can move messages to a folder by using one of the following ways:

  • Select the messages, then click Move and select the folder you want them to move to.

Note: if you select New Folder, you will have to enter its name.

  • Select the messages and hold the left mouse button while dragging them to the folder name in the list on the left.

Marking messages

You can click Mark to flag messages or mark them as read or unread.

You can also flag a message by clicking a flag icon next to the message you want to single out.

Reporting spam

If you consider a message as spam, check this message and click Spam. In addition, from now on we will mark all future messages from the same sender as spam.

Note: you won’t see This is spam in Spam folder since it contains messages that have been already marked as spam by our antispam system.

If you see a message you consider not spam, check this message and click Not spam to move the message to Inbox. In addition, from now on we will never mark future messages from the same sender as spam.

Deleting messages

Select messages and click Delete to move them to Trash.

Note: by default, Trash is emptied upon logging out, but you can change it in Interface section of your account settings.

You can apply actions to a sender address as well.