Emails are going into “Spam” or “Trash”. What should I do?

It may be that you have a filter set up that is directing all incoming emails to your “Spam” and “Trash” folders.

  1. Go to “Mail settings” → “Filter rules”.
  2. Place the cursor over any of the filters and click image to view the filter conditions.

Delete the filter if it is directing mail to “Spam” or “Trash” from all senders except for one indicated in the “does not contain” field.

  1. Go back to “Filter rules”.
  2. Place your cursor over the filter and click image.

Check all filters in the same way.


Example of a “malign” filter. Pay attention to the filter rules: the parameter “From” and the condition “does not contain” are set for “If”. A suspicious and unknown address is shown in the field. The parameter “Move message to” is set for “To”, and the folder “Trash” or “Spam” has been selected.