Attaching files

You can attach word processing or spreadsheet documents, photos and images (*.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif и т. д.), audio and video files, HTML files, etc. You can add up to 50 attachments up to 1 GB each to a single message.

To attach a file:

  1. Click Attach a file;
  2. Browse to a file you want to attach;
  3. Click Open;
  4.  and files will start uploading.

You can select several files for attachments by holding Ctrl key.

Кроме файлов с компьютера, вы можете прикреплять к письму те файлы, которые уже находятся в вашем почтовом ящике. Для этого нажмите на значок  «Стрелка» напротив «Прикрепить файл» и выберите «из почты».

To remove an attachment, click a cross icon next to its name.

When you attach files more than 20 Mb in size, they are uploaded to Files@Mail.Ru and are marked with a weight icon. Such files are stored only for 30 days.

Note: to use this uploader, make sure to enable JavaScript in your browser and install Flash Player 8 or higher. We will automatically load a basic uploader if any of these components is missing.

You can also set up using basic uploader by default by checking Use basic uploader in your account settings.

Uploading photos


You can speed up uploading by compressing images to 800 px on the wider side.

To compress images, attach them and in the next window choose Compress big images and click Save.

You can turn images you’ve attached by using left and right arrows in their lower part.

Note: as not all email providers allow attaching 20 Mb, upload files to Files@Mail.Ru or invite your recipient to Mail.Ru to make sure the attachments can be accessed.