Working with attachments

You can see a clip icon next to the messages that contain attachments.

Click the clip icon to see the list of attachments the message contains. Hover over the title of the attached image to see its thumbnail.

Open the message to see the list of attached file and actions you can apply to them below the text of the message.

Toggle buttons to change the attachments view.

Click Save below the attachment name to download it to your PC.

Note: attachments more than 20 Mb in size are stored on Files@Mail.Ru for 30 days only. You can see the date and time you can download the attachment before next to the Download link.

You can download all the attachments as a single archive by clicking Save as archive to optimize your time and traffic usage.

Additional actions:

  • Word processing documents (*.doc), spreadsheets (*.xls), and presentations (*.ppt)

You can preview such documents before downloading them by clicking View next to the attachment name.

  • Audio files (*.mp3)

Click Play icon next to an audio file in the *.mp3 format to listen to it. You can easily adjust the volume by moving the slider up or down.