Attachments FAQ

I want to forward attachments

You can forward messages along with attached files.

I want to make sure attachments are safe.

We check all attachments for viruses before delivering a message to your mailbox. However, we still encourage you to never open messages and download attachments from unknown senders.

Checking messages for viruses doesn’t guarantee they are safe. Remember: according to User Agreement, you assume all responsibilities for risks associated with downloading harmful files and damage they can cause to your computer.

I don’t See Attach a file link

Try refreshing the page by clicking CTRl+F5 keys.

If you still don’t see a link, make sure to enable JavaScript in your browser and install Flash Player 8 or higher. We can’t guarantee full functionality if any of these components is missing.

If you still don’t see a link, try clearing your browser cache.

If you still don’t see a link even after that, try disabling your browser add-ons and refreshing the page or use an alternative browser (try Firefox if you are an Internet Explorer user, and so on).

I can’t open the attachment winmail.dat


Winmail.dat means that a message uses TNEF format for advanced formatting, special Outlook tools and attachments.

To unpack TNEF attachments:

  1. Install Winmail Opener;
  2. Run Winmail Opener (Start / All programs), click Open file, select the winmail.dat format and browse for a file.

After this, you will see a text message (if any) and attachments in Winmail Opener.