Managing Contacts

Apart from adding new contacts, you can work with existing ones: edit, email, delete, add to groups, merge and sort.



To edit a contact, check the box next to its name and click “Edit.” Make the necessary changes and click “Save.”

In addition to the standard fields, you can use additional fields. To do this, click “Add field” and select a field in the drop-down list.

Emailing a Contact

To email a contact directly from the address book, check the box next to the name of the contact and click “Compose.” A new message will be created, with the “To” field already filled.

Adding a Contact to a Group

If you often send emails to the same groups of recipients, create a group for these contacts. This way you will not need to select each recipient individually: it will be sufficient to simply choose a group containing all the necessary contacts.

To add a contact to a group, check the box next to the contact and click “To group”. In the drop-down list, select a group or create a new one by entering its name in the “New group” field.

Each contact can belong to any number of groups.

Merging Contacts

If there are several identical contacts in your address book with different data (for example, if a colleague emails you from different addresses), you can join them into a single contact. To do this, check boxes next to the contacts you want to merge, click on the icon, then “Merge contacts”. Edit the new contact and click “Save”.

Deleting a Contact

You can always delete a contact. To do this, select a contact by checking the box next to its name and click “Delete.”

Changing the Contacts View

You can choose what kind of information you want to see in the contact list (phones, company names, etc.). To do this, click “View” and check the boxes next to the desired fields.


By default, all entries are sorted by last name, but you can change the sorting order. To do this, click “Sort” and select a method: by last name or by popularity. The icon shows the order of entries: from most to least popular, from A to Z or vice versa.

To reverse the order of records, click the selected sorting method once again.