Adding a Contact

Email addresses of all contacts you exchange messages with are saved to Contacts by default.

To add a contact manually:

1. Go to “Contacts” and click image.


2. On the page that opens, fill in the required fields.

To specify several email addresses or phone numbers, click “Add” next to the “Email” or “Cell phone” field.

If, instead of a mobile number, you would like to enter, for example, a home or work number, click “Cell phone” and in the drop-down list, select the phone type.


3. In the “Group” field, specify groups for the contact. You can add a contact to several groups by listing them separated by commas.


4. Apart from the standard fields that you see on the contact creation page, you can use additional fields. To do this, click “Add field” at the bottom of the page and select a field that you want to add to the contact.

5. After filling all the fields, click “Save”.