Message List View

All folders have a common interface. You can navigate from folder to folder by tapping their names. Next to each folder name you can see the number of unread messages it contains. To return to the folder list, tap the  “Menu” icon in the top left corner.

In the app settings, under the “Appearance” section, you can choose whether to display avatars of senders and email snippets in the message list.

The subjects of unread messages are highlighted in bold and marked by the  “Unread” icon. To refresh the message list, pull the list down with your finger.

To flag a message for future action, tap the flag icon.

To apply other actions to messages, tap the senders avatars.

You can see  a paperclip icon next to the messages that have attachments

To read a message, tap its subject.

Обновлено 7 февраля 2021 г.
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