Other Actions

These actions can be applied to several messages at once. To select messages for further actions, tap the sender's avatar or tap and hold the subject of the message. Then you can do the following:


To delete the message(s), tap the “Trash” icon. The messages will be moved to “Trash”. If the messages are already in “Trash”, after you tap “Delete”, they will be removed from your mailbox forever.

Reporting Spam

To report the message(s) as spam, tap the  “Spam” icon.

Moving to a Different Folder

To move the message(s) to a different folder, tap the  “Move” icon and select the name of the desired folder from the folder list.


To flag the message(s) for future action, tap the flag icon.

To unflag a message, tap the  flag icon again.

Marking as Read/Unread

To mark the message(s) as read/unread, tap the  “Read” or  “Unread” icon.

Обновлено 15 февраля 2021 г.
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