To enable/disable and set up notifications, go to the folder list by tapping the  “Menu” icon above the message list or by swiping from left to right with your finger. Then tap the  “Settings” icon at the bottom of the page and go to the “Notifications” section.

On Android 8 and higher, notifications are configured in the device settings. How to do it, see the instructions.


To receive notifications, move the switch into the “ON” position: image.

Play Sound

To set up sound notifications, tap “Play Sound” and choose the desired sound.


To enable vibration notifications, mark the “Vibrate” checkbox.

Do not disturb

In this section, you can specify the time period during which you want to receive notifications.

To receive notifications around the clock, move the switch into the “OFF” position: image.

To turn notifications off at a particular time of the day, for example, at night, move the switch into the “ON” position: image and specify the time during which you do not wish to be disturbed using the “From” and “To” fields. In the “Mode” field, you can select “Silent” to disable only the sound, or “No notifications” to disable notifications altogether in the time specified.


To receive notifications about new messages only in specific folders, tap “Folders”. Move the switch into the “ON” position: image and select the folders for which you want to enable notifications.

If you use the app to work with several mailboxes, you can set up notifications for folders in each of the mailboxes individually.

You can disable notifications from all social networks and newsletters by tapping “Social networks”, or, respectively, “Flash Sales Sites” and moving the switch into the “OFF” position: image. Alternatively, you can move the switch into the “ON” position: image and select the notifications you want to receive.


You can use confidentiality settings to hide the sender name and the subject so that anyone with the access to your phone won’t be able to read them.