Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the background color? (Can you change the app's appearance/Please add themes, like in Agent)

We plan to add such a feature in one of our future releases, however, we cannot name a specific date yet.

How can I view all unread messages? (How do I find all flagged messages?)

To view all unread or all flagged messages, tap on the  “Menu” icon in the top left corner, swipe down and tap “Unread”, “Flagged”, or “With attachments”.

How can I set up the message list to refresh every hour?

The message list refreshes whenever a new message is received, independent of the time. 
You can configure notifications about new messages in the “Notifications
” section of the app settings.

How can I add a contact from the device memory? 

You can use contacts from the address book of your device. To do this, tap on the  “Add” icon next to the “To:” or “Cc:” field and choose a contact. To use this function, make sure that synchronization of contacts is turned on.

Can I add a password to protect the app?

To increase the security of your app, you can set up PIN protection.

How do I change my password/account settings/avatar using the app?

You can change your avatar and sender name in the app settings. To change your password, please use the web interface.

Can I add/edit/delete a contact? 

The current version of the app doesn't support contact editing. We plan to add such a feature in one of our future releases, however, we cannot name a specific date yet. 

To work with contacts, please use the web interface.

How do I select all messages in a folder? (How can I delete all messages in a folder?/ How do I move all messages in a folder?)

To select a message for further actions, tap on the sender's avatar. To select all messages, first select one message, tap image in the upper right corner of the screen, then “Select all”.

How can I add/delete/rename a folder in the app?

Please refer to this section.

How can I set up a filter in the app?

Please refer to this section.

When the app is running on my phone, I constantly need to enter my username and password in the browser. How can I avoid this?

Please go to the “Security” section of your mailbox settings in the web interface and uncheck “Do not allow concurrent sessions”. We also recommend moving the app to the internal storage of your device.

I don't receive notifications about new messages. What is the matter?


To solve this problem, please check the notification settings in your app: perhaps, notifications are disabled for this mailbox, folder, or during this time. Make sure the date and time zone on your device are set properly. Also, check the notification settings of your device: maybe, notifications of this type, at this time or from this app are turned off.